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If you are investing in, leading, or supporting healthy community change, we can help you create sustainable success through the following services:


Consulting and Advising

  • Facilitate strategic sustainability planning for healthy community initiatives
  • Design and manage initiatives and strategies that advance healthy communities through policy, systems, and environmental changes
  • Identify trends and opportunities in the healthy communities field


Coaching and Technical Assistance for Communities

  • Assist leaders with selecting and implementing community-specific strategies
  • Support communities as they navigate the community change process
  • Build capacity to maintain a thriving community coalition, lead advocacy efforts, sustain healthy community work, and more


Collaborative Learning and Networking

  • Design and manage comprehensive, multi-component, and tailored collaborative learning services
  • Plan, host, facilitate, and assess in-person and virtual conferences, meetings, webinars, and learning exchanges to spark generative thinking, develop new partnerships, and share wisdom and resources that inspire action
  • Strengthen and bridge connections between funders and investors, resource and technical assistance providers, community leaders and partners, and other community change agents to accelerate and expand healthy community impacts


Training and Growing Knowledge

  • Conduct presentations and workshops on our Community Action Model and six Essential Practices for sustainable community change
  • Develop case studies, toolkits, and other field-building resources
  • Share evidence-informed and practice-based resources and community success stories

We also know that one size doesn’t fit all, and that the path to healthy change in your community may not be clear yet. Contact us to talk about real steps we can take together to help your community become a healthier place to live. Let’s find the highest potential for partnership.