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The American Journal of Preventive Medicine, November 2012 supplement

AJPM coverThe Active Living by Design grant program, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation from 2003-2009, is featured in a new supplement to the American Journal of Preventive Medicine (Volume 43, Issue 5, Supplement 4 – November 2012). Developed in partnership with Transtria LLC, the supplement focuses on evaluation of the five-year grant program and features a variety of commentaries, an in-depth assessment of the 5P Community Action Model, cross-site analysis and results from a number of grantee communities. Read the supplement and individual manuscripts here:

Active Living by Design: The Value of Evaluation
LC Leviton, SL Strunk

Technical Assistance for Environmental and Policy Change: The Active Living by Design Experience
SL Strunk, WS Justin, JB Bussel

Evaluation Articles
Lessons from a Mixed-Methods Approach to Evaluating Active Living by Design
RC Brownson, LK Brennan, KR Evenson, LC Leviton

Capturing Community Change: Active Living by Design’s Progress Reporting System
PA Bors

Identifying the Role of Community Partnerships in Creating Change to Support Active Living
EA Baker, R Wilkerson, LK Brennan

Assessment for Active Living: Harnessing the Power of Data-Driven Planning and Action
PA Bors, RC Brownson, LK Brennan

Evaluation of Physical Projects and Policies from the Active Living by Design Partnerships
KR Evenson, JF Sallis, SL Handy, R Bell, LK Brennan

Programs and Promotions: Approaches by 25 Active Living by Design Partnerships
JM Claus, M Dessauer, LK Brennan

Active Living by Design Sustainability Strategies
MK Kraft, JJ Lee, LK Brennan

Concept Mapping: Priority Community Strategies to Create Changes to Support Active Living
LK Brennan, RC Brownson, C Kelly, MK Ivey, LC Leviton

Evaluation of Active Living by Design: Implementation Patterns Across Communities
LK Brennan, RC Brownson, P Hovmand

Community Articles
Evaluation Results from an Active Living Intervention in Somerville, Massachusetts
VR Chomitz, JC McDonald, DB Aske, LN Arsenault, NA Rioles, LB Brukilacchio, KA Hacker, HJ Cabral

Bike, Walk, and Wheel: A Way of Life in Columbia, Missouri, Revisted
SP Sayers, JW LeMaster, IM Thomas, GF Petroski, B Ge

A Walking School Bus Program: Impact on Physical Activity in Elementary School Children in Columbia, Missouri
SP Sayers, JW LeMaster, IM Thomas, GF Petroski, B Ge

Creating a Movement for Active Living via a Media Campaign
J Huberty, T Dodge, KR Peterson, M Balluff

Isanti County Active Living: Measuring Change in Perception and Behavior
AM Kinney, L Hutton, B Carlson, LM Perlick, KK Minkler, C Kimber

A Mixed-Methods Evaluation of School-Based Active Living Programs
LL McCreary, CG Park, L Gomez, S Peterson, D Pino, BJ McElmurry

Using a Bicycle-Pedestrian Count to Assess Active Living in Downtown Wilkes-Barre
MG Schasberger, J Raczkowski, L Newman, MF Polgar

Active Living by Design’s Contributions to the Movement
S Bernstein, K Laughlin, T Norris

Healthy People and the Design Sciences: The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Advances the Frontier
JM McGinnis, BW Powers

Active Living by Design and Its Evaluation: Contributions to Science
JF Sallis, LW Green

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