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The American Journal of Preventive Medicine, December 2009 supplement


The American Journal of Preventive Medicine’s (AJPM) December 2009 supplement issue is devoted to the Active Living by Design grant program and community partnerships.

The issue focuses on the ALbD national program and community action model and lessons learned from 15 ALbD grantees. It also features commentary from experts in the field. The practice-based special issue describes community partnerships representing a range of lead agencies (e.g. planning departments, community development agencies) with emphasis on increasing physical activity in special populations. There are examples of the planning process and implementing comprehensive approaches to increase physical activity, including how to engage partners, generate resources, increase community participation, design policy and environment interventions, increase political or community support, address challenges or minimize barriers, and keep the momentum going.

American Journal of Preventive Medicine
Volume 37, Issue 6, Supplement 2 (December 2009)
Active Living by Design: Best Practices from the Field
Edited by Laura K. Brennan, Leslie S. Linton, Sarah L. Strunk, Joseph M. Schilling, Laura C. Leviton
American College of Preventive Medicine, Association for Prevention Teaching and Research

The Active Living by Design National Program
Community Initiatives and Lessons Learned
Philip Bors, MPH, Mark Dessauer, MA, Rich Bell, MCP, Risa Wilkerson, MA, Joanne Lee, RD, MPH, Sarah L. Strunk, MHA


Active Living by Design: Perspectives from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Jamie B. Bussel, Laura C. Leviton, C. Tracy Orleans

The Active Living by Design National Program: Community Initiatives and Lessons Learned
Philip Bors, Mark Dessauer, Rich Bell, Risa Wilkerson, Joanne Lee, Sarah L. Strunk

Community Articles
Bike, Walk, and Wheel: A Way of Life in Columbia, Missouri
Ian M. Thomas, Stephen P. Sayers, Janet L. Godon, Stacia R. Reilly

Project U-Turn: Increasing Active Transportation in Jackson, Michigan
David S. TenBrink, Randall McMunn, Sarah Panken

Promoting and Developing a Trail Network Across Suburban, Rural, and Urban Communities
Michele G. Schasberger, Carol S. Hussa, Michael F. Polgar, Julie A. McMonagle, Sharon J. Burke, Andrew J. Gegaris

Building the Base: Two Active Living Projects That Inspired Community Participation
Mark H. Hamamoto, David D. Derauf, Sheryl R. Yoshimura

Leveraging Neighborhood-Scale Change for Policy and Program Reform in Buffalo, New York
Samina Raja, Michael Ball, Justin Booth, Philip Haberstro, Katherine Veith

Active Living Logan Square: Joining Together to Create Opportunities for Physical Activity
Lucy Gomez-Feliciano, Linda L. McCreary, Rob Sadowsky, Serena Peterson, Adolfo Hernandez, Beverly J. McElmurry, Chang Gi Park

ACTIVE Louisville: Incorporating Active Living Principles into Planning and Design
Nina L. Walfoort, Jennifer J. Clark, Marigny J. Bostock, Kathleen O’Neil

Slavic Village: Incorporating Active Living into Community Development Through Partnerships
Emily K. Miller, Jennifer L. Scofield

The Path to Active Living: Physical Activity Through Community Design in Somerville, Massachusetts
Noreen M. Burke, Virginia R. Chomitz, Nicole A. Rioles, Stephen P. Winslow, Lisa B. Brukilacchio, Jessie C. Baker

Get Active Orlando: Changing the Built Environment to Increase Physical Activity
Malisa Mccreedy, Jill G. Leslie

Active Seattle: Achieving Walkability in Diverse Neighborhoods
Rebecca C. Deehr, Amy Shumann

Achieving Built-Environment and Active Living Goals Through Music City Moves
Adetokunbo A. Omishakin, Jennifer L. Carlat, Shannon Hornsby, Tracy Buck

Partnership Moves Community Toward Complete Streets
Anne B. Geraghty, Walt Seifert, Terry Preston, Christopher V. Holm, Teri H. Duarte, Steve M. Farrar

Activate Omaha: The Journey to an Active Living Environment
Jennifer L. Huberty, Tammie Dodge, Kerri Peterson, Mary Balluff

From Partnership to Policy: The Evolution of Active Living by Design in Portland, Oregon
Noelle G. Dobson, Amy R. Gilroy

Active Living-Past, Present, and Future: Implications for the Field
Richard E. Killingsworth

Establishing Best Practices for Changing the Built Environment to Promote Physical Activity
Paul A. Simon, Jonathan E. Fielding

Implications of Active Living by Design for Broad Adoption, Successful Implementation, and Long-Term Sustainability
Russell E. Glasgow, Diane K. King

Active Living by Design as a Political Project: Challenges at Three Levels
M. Katherine Kraft, Lawrence D. Brown

Active Living by Design: Implications for State and Local Officials
Maya Rockeymoore

Active Living by Design: Building and Sustaining a National Program
Sarah Strunk

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