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Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities Leader Profiles

Read the full PDF: LeaderProfile_final1

Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities (HKHC) was a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation whose primary goal was to implement healthy eating and active living initiatives to support healthier communities for children and families across the United States. The program placed special emphasis on reaching children at highest risk for obesity on the basis of race/ethnicity, income, and/or geographic location.

Within the HKHC grant period (2008-2013), 49 community partnerships developed and implemented well over 1,000 policy and environmental changes to expand access to affordable healthy foods and opportunities for physical activity. Hundreds of new farmers’ markets and community gardens were developed, with special emphasis on increasing accessibility for low-income families. Nearly 200 policies and environmental changes related to complete streets were enacted. Improvements to healthy food retail and safe, accessible parks were also seen. None of these incredible accomplishments would have been possible without the commitment of thousands of community residents, partners, and leaders who worked together to ensure a healthier future for all. Many of these partnerships are still going strong. Successful collaborative efforts are also fed by the personal passions of individuals who believe in the work. Collectively, they paint a picture of the leadership strength present in the healthy communities’ movement today.

It is our pleasure to present this document, which showcases 30 of the dozens of dedicated HKHC leaders who have helped strengthen relationships, transform environments and change the norms of their communities. I would like to personally thank each one of them for bringing their true selves to these interviews and for allowing their personal stories to be shared with others.

They have inspired our team. We believe they will inspire you, too.