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UNC Center for Training and Research Translation: Obesity Prevention in Public Health Course

The Obesity Prevention in Public Health Course addresses the shifting priorities and current challenges facing public health practitioners working in state and community–level nutrition, physical activity, and obesity prevention programs. This unique course offers an informal learning environment, with an emphasis on interactive teaching, peer learning, and small group workshops. The primary goal of the Obesity Prevention in Public Health Course is to promote and support evidence-based practice with a focus on implementing and sustaining effective policy and environmental change interventions.

Funding Partner: University of North Carolina Center for Training and Research Translationslide17pic1

Engagement: 2007–2012

Services Provided:

  • Course planning and design assistance
  • Development and delivery of workshops
  • Development and delivery of value-added activities (i.e., story slams)

slide17pic2“Active Living By Design continues to be a valuable resource for North Carolina and beyond. The ALBD team has offered us considerable support over the years with the planning and delivery of the Obesity Prevention in Public Health Course. ALBD is our “go to expert” for community-based healthy eating and physical activity interventions. I am always excited when we get to work with ALBD because they have extremely talented staff that are passionate about their work, well connected to the community, and leading the movement to create a culture of healthy eating and active living across the country.”
Avia Mainor, Training Unit Director
UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention