Sarah Moore

Communications and Marketing Manager

Office: 864-556-9182


As the Communications and Marketing Manager for Active Living By Design (ALBD), Sarah Moore develops and executes communications and marketing strategies, manages ALBD’s brand identity, website and blog, and designs publications, presentations and other visual collateral. She also provides critical thinking related to ALBD’s creative direction and supports ALBD clients’ communications needs.

Sarah earned a Master of Architecture degree from Washington University in St. Louis with a portfolio that integrated architecture with urban design. She was a Danforth Scholar for the duration of her study there, an honor which recognized personal integrity, selflessness and a commitment to community. Sarah also holds a B.A. in Architecture from Clemson University, where she was an Abney Foundation Scholar from 2005–2009.

In her spare time, Sarah unites her love of travel and design through paintings that explore the ephemeral nature of places and people.

Active Living and Healthy Eating Story

I grew up in the rural Southeast, spending nearly every afternoon running in the woods. When I joined cross country in high school, I continued that childhood pastime with my running team on a local network of trails that were just behind our school. I was also lucky to have access to my family’s heirloom veggies and free-range chicken eggs, which taught me to appreciate fresh, healthy food from an early age.

Since then, I’ve been thrilled to see my generation embracing gardening and feeling a sense of stewardship for the forests and trails that made my adventurous childhood possible, and I hope to continue sharing in the growing awareness of how vital those issues are to our communities.