Our Team

Our team delivers multidisciplinary expertise in public health, public policy, urban planning and design, community development, communications, nutrition, architecture, and social work. We work nimbly, adapt quickly in an evolving field, and provide a range of services to meet our clients’ needs.


Casey Allred-01Casey Allred | Project and Operations Manager

Office: 919-843-3076
Email: casey_allred@activelivingbydesign.org

Casey handles day-to-day office functions, fiscal health, and interactions with staff, grantees, mission partners, and key stakeholders. She also manages events, meetings, and trainings for ALBD and its funded initiatives. Learn more about Casey’s background.


Richard Bell-01Rich Bell | Senior Project Officer

Office: 919–843–3078
Email: rich_bell@activelivingbydesign.org

Rich provides guidance and support for clients, community partnerships, and their leaders on strategic planning and prioritization, community engagement and partnership development, capacity building, project implementation, assessment, evaluation, and sustainability of efforts to increase active living and healthy eating in communities. Learn more about Rich’s background.


Phil Bors | Technical Assistance Director

Office: 919-843-3081
Email: phil_bors@activelivingbydesign.org

Phil oversees ALBD’s technical assistance and coaching services and provides coaching, technical support, and consultation to coalitions across the country with a focus on policy, systems, and environmental change strategies. In addition, he serves as part of the ALBD leadership team. Learn more about Phil’s background.


Sydney Jones | Evaluation Associate

Office: 512-762-8682
Email: sydneyaj@email.unc.edu

Sydney develops, refines, and implements evaluation measures to gauge ALBD’s impact. She also analyzes and reports evaluation findings in collaboration with the ALBD leadership team. Learn more about Sydney’s background.



Joanne Lee | Collaborative Learning Director

Office: 252-347-9971
Email: joanne_lee@activelivingbydesign.org

Joanne oversees a culture of collaborative networking and learning that enables the organization to build internal and external capacity and incorporate new knowledge and approaches into products, services, and strategic direction. In addition, she serves as part of the ALBD leadership team. Learn more about Joanne’s background.


Sarah Moore | Communications and Marketing Manager

Office: 864-556-9182
Email: sarah_moore@activelivingbydesign.org

Sarah develops and executes communications and marketing strategies, manages ALBD’s brand identity, website and blog, and designs publications, presentations, and other visual collateral. She also provides critical thinking related to ALBD’s creative direction and supports ALBD clients’ communications needs. Learn more about Sarah’s background.


Tim Schwantes-01Tim Schwantes | Project Officer

Office: 919-843-3080
Email: tim_schwantes@activelivingbydesign.org

Tim works on state and national initiatives that support community partnerships’ efforts to improve public health through changes in local policies and the built environment. Tim also supports technical assistance, communication, and monitoring efforts for funded partnerships across the country. Learn more about Tim’s background.


Sarah Strunk-01Sarah Strunk | Strategic Advisor

Office: 919-843-3122
Email: sarah_strunk@activelivingbydesign.org

Sarah has been with the organization since its inception, first serving as Deputy Director from 2002-2005 and as Director/Executive Director from 2005-2015. As Strategic Advisor, Sarah focuses on business development, partnership development, and providing institutional history and strategic guidance to organizational leadership. Learn more about Sarah’s background.


Risa Wilkerson-01Risa Wilkerson | Executive Director

Office: 919-843-3519
Email: risa_wilkerson@activelivingbydesign.org

Risa provides overarching leadership and strategic vision to fulfill the organization’s mission of creating community-led change by working with local, state, and national partners to build a culture of active living and healthy eating. Risa has been connected to ALBD since 2002, when she was a grantee of the organization. Learn more about Risa’s background.