Stories and Resources

  • Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities Leader Profiles

    This document showcases 30 of the dozens of dedicated Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities leaders who strengthened relationships, transformed environments and changed the norms of their communities. Their stories have inspired our team. We believe they will inspire you, too.

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  • Denver, CO: Community Capacity Building Example

    Through a diverse array of assessment projects and deployment of ten “promotoras”, Denver’s HKHC partnership was able to train emerging resident leaders, build new networks of relationships, increase meeting attendance and participation, and unearth new problem-solving methods.

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  • Central Valley: Achieving Results

    The third and final video in this series highlights the accomplishments within Central Valley. Nearly 80 community leaders from eight counties graduated from Central Valley’s leadership training program, which has empowered them to fight for safer, healthier neighborhoods.

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Examples of Our Work