Community Action Model

Active Living By Design (ALBD) developed its initial Community Action Model (CAM) and “5P” strategies (Preparation, Promotion, Programs, Policy, and Physical Projects) as an evidence-informed framework for increasing active living and healthy eating in communities through comprehensive and integrated strategies. It served as the basis for ALBD’s work with communities and funders as they implemented bold new approaches to create healthier policies and environments.

Since then, more than a dozen years of successful initiatives have deepened ALBD’s understanding of the community change process and have informed our updated CAM, which is now relevant for a variety of community health goals. This new model highlights the importance of a community’s context, defines six essential practices that undergird success, and focuses the action approach from the original 5Ps to our new 3P approach (Partner, Prepare, and Progress). It also presents some expected impacts. This updated model can be useful to community coalitions and local leaders seeking a collaborative approach to creating healthier places and to funders seeking a tested approach for local investments.

Download a printable PDF.

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