About ALBD

Active Living By Design works with communities to improve health. We believe in the power of people to reshape the places where they live and the policies, systems, and environments that define their choices. Since 2002, we have helped create healthier places in rural, suburban, urban, and tribal communities and at local, regional, state, and national scales.

Our Team

Active Living By Design delivers multidisciplinary expertise in public health, public policy, urban planning and design, community development, communications, nutrition, architecture, and social work. We work nimbly, adapt quickly in an evolving field, and provide a range of services to meet our clients’ needs.

Whether you need an adviser for a focused telephone call or a strategic partner in a long-term engagement, we’re here to help you achieve your healthy community goals. See our services for more details about ways we provide support or contact us to discuss how we can meet your needs.


Active Living By Design creates community-led change by working with local, state, and national partners to build a culture of active living and healthy eating.


All communities are healthy communities, where active living and healthy eating are accessible, easy, and affordable for everyone.


Active Living By Design has done nothing less than entirely redefine the approach to chronic disease prevention in the United States. Well beyond simply treating cardiovascular disease and the complications associated with obesity, and even more than merely encouraging and educating around diet and exercise, ALBD researched, innovated, tested, and refined the approach now being utilized by every substantive population-level approach to physical activity and healthy nutrition in the country.
Mark Fenton, Transportation, Planning and Public Health Consultant